My work is a visual exploration of urban motifs, spirituality, identity, society, and life in the fast lane. The amalgamation and exploration of psychology and sociology lie at the core of my artistic practice.

Coming from a diverse society and culture like India, I’ve grown up surrounded by colour and spiritualism, but also the social norms of patriarchy, religion, traditions and exposure to various caste and class systems. My artworks are an exploration and an attempt to display and discover the core of what a human being feels through all stages of life.
In my creations, I often work towards bridging differences created by society and cultures by focusing on spiritual growth, positivity, mental health, awareness and nonconformity. I express my roots and cultural and global humanitarian issues through my abstractions using myriad art techniques and materials.
I am constantly in the process of juxtaposing art and psychology, uplifted with colours and sensorial experiences, by experimenting, sharing and embracing life with sheer curiosity.

I am a visual artist of Indian origin based in India. After completing my Bachelor’s in sociology, industrial relations and personnel management with a minor in psychology from the University of Delhi, I also just completed my post-graduate diploma in visual arts from University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

Along with my education, I am the community manager and art writer for eShe magazine, which is based in India and Canada and carries real-life inspirational stories of women around the world.

I’m available for commissions and art collaborations anywhere in the world. Let’s brighten lives together!

What I do

Abstract painting

Poetry / Singing

Collage / Mixed media


Sculptures and installation

Digital and conceptual art

Public art / Murals

Customized artworks

Past Experiences

Gallery Associate
(2018- 2020)
I have worked in art galleries in India and Canada, such as Nature Morte (Delhi), Serendipity Arts Foundation / Festival (Delhi), The Reach (Abbotsford, BC), and S’eliyemetaxwtexw (Abbotsford, BC).

I have experience in handling administration, HR, accounts, market research and data analysis, Artlogic data feed, transcriptions of interviews, preparing artists’ CVs for exhibitions, event management, master outreach for museums and curators, coordinating with artists and media, sourcing antiques for shows, archiving artworks and articles, graphic design, gallery setup and installation support.

Social media and community management
(2015 – present)
As an extroverted people-person, I enjoy work that involves community building, communication and motivation. I have been involved in college communities and social work projects that involve travel, team-building, collaborations and volunteering. If music, art and children are involved, all the better!

Childcare and educationist
(2015 – present)
I love little children! I love their innocence and energy. One of my most treasured experiences was being an AIESEC global volunteer, teaching dance, art, English and value creation in a nursery school in a small town in Nepal. I also created campaigns and spread awareness about mental health and substance abuse at various schools in the vicinity. I have also conducted spiritual summer workshops for little children in Delhi.