Interview: Chiharu Shiota

An interview with famed Berlin-based Japanese performance and installation artist Chiharu Shiota on her inspirations, motivations and her new installation titled ‘Internal Lines’

Indian Artist Kumaresan Selvaraj Explores Id, Ego and Superego Through His Layered Sculptures

“Something from within is always making its way out,” says Chennai-based artist Kumaresan Selvaraj.  Born in 1983, Selvaraj explores the conscious and unconscious layers of perception, memory and existence through his sculptures in cement, wood, paint, metal and paper. Selvaraj has been interested in fine arts since school and won many awards for his paintings.…

I’m an Artist and I’m Enough

“They” told me I need to improve myself. My visual and conceptual language. “They” told me, “It’s not what we are looking for, we look for evolution over time and a practice focused on exploring a certain concept.” “They” told me, “It’s not deep enough,” when they know not my journey. So I wrote about…


Painting 2019 onwards
Painting 2010-2018

It’s mixed, unfixed, conscious and subconscious


Everything is art if you allow yourself to see it

Mixed Media

The grand experiment

Sculpture and Installation

Where the mind is without fear


There are ways and there are ways

Digital Art

Inspiration in bits


Words of wisdom

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