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Privacy Policy

Designs, products and photography used on www.manasvi.art remain the property of Manasvi Jerath and must not be used or replicated without prior written permission. All other content on this site is the property of this website, its affiliate or content suppliers and is protected by international trademark, copyright, authors’ rights, database rights and other laws.

Social Media Laws


When reposting artwork, please tag and mention the artist in the beginning of your caption, before any text “artwork by @manasvijerath“. Don’t just tag. If you like to repost an artwork made for a specific client, please mention them in your caption too. (by @manasvijerath for @username). Google reverse search helps find the artist behind the artwork. Avoid reposting if you cannot credit the image.

No Edits

Never crop signatures, use filters, make collages, add texts or edit images in anyway without permission. We put a lot of thought in our work and it is always heartbreaking to see it edited. Please post as the work is or take inspiration and create your own work.

Marketing and Promotion

Having a cause such as a non profit or even a business or platform that is not making money does not give you rights to use images without authorization for free. Always give creator of the image a choice to endorse or not whatever you are promoting. If you would like to use an artwork to promote a product, announce an event or a sale, go with an article on your blog or any other commercial or promotional purposes, please contact the artist at m@eshe.in with details about your brand and project to discuss a license.