I’m an Artist and I’m Enough

“They” told me I need to improve myself. My visual and conceptual language.

“They” told me, “It’s not what we are looking for, we look for evolution over time and a practice focused on exploring a certain concept.”

“They” told me, “It’s not deep enough,” when they know not my journey.

So I wrote about it. I made my own space for my own art. It’s not yet history.

I’m free and I shift into entities and locations that usually go unseen.

I purely feel a form, thing, place or person and absorb that into my nature, my being.

How could I say all that is painful and beautiful in one language or one material?

I’m water and I shift, it’s my feature. I’m whatever you are cause we are what we eat but also what we do and see.

We all do the same thing, survive, search for love, belonging, and shelter.

So how am I not enough? How am I a stranger?

I feel, just like you do. There is so much pain, so much history, I don’t want all of us to be separated, afraid and aloof.

We all have been there more than quite often and it feels treacherous. I aim to fulfill the desire of someone wanting to feel like they belong to the world just the way they are and want to be. There is no perfect and no imperfect. There just is. You and me.

It’s all opinions, made-up, you will see.

We all wish to speak the same language that is of love. We may express it differently but there is no wrong, no “them”, no “they”, just we and us.

Published by Manasvi Jerath

Community manager, eShe, and visual artist. Email: m@eshe.in