The 24 Laws of Meinong’s Jungle

My new series is based on 19th-century Austrian psychologist and philosopher Alexius Meinong’s Theory of Objects (published in 1904), which was ridiculed at the time as being too far-fetched for suggesting the beingness of nonexistent things. His suggested parallel universe of ‘impossible objects’ was termed Meinong’s Jungle by his critics. Today, however, Meinong’s Jungle holds fascination for students of metaphysics, philosophy and even design.

My series is an exploration and a trek through this fantastical domain, Meinong’s Jungle. I explore nonexistent entities, feelings, people, places, foods, animals, expressions, languages and concepts. Everything we think of already exists in a parallel universe, which is our own private Meinong’s Jungle. 

I used a mixed-media technique, bringing in unlikely combinations of art and found objects, cutting up my own paintings into new shapes and forms that appear devoid of meaning but which do exist because my imagination has created them. The abstract creations, made from nothing but which bring to life textures, colors and emotions. I plan to make a series of 24 pieces in various sizes to begin with. As an abstract artist, I have usually struggled with creating a minimal look so this time I want to experiment with that effect – exploring and creating space for both the artist and the viewer.

Published by Manasvi Jerath

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