Indian Artist Kumaresan Selvaraj Explores Id, Ego and Superego Through His Layered Sculptures

“Something from within is always making its way out,” says Chennai-based artist Kumaresan Selvaraj.  Born in 1983, Selvaraj explores the conscious and unconscious layers of perception, memory and existence through his sculptures in cement, wood, paint, metal and paper. Selvaraj has been interested in fine arts since school and won many awards for his paintings.Continue reading “Indian Artist Kumaresan Selvaraj Explores Id, Ego and Superego Through His Layered Sculptures”

I’m an Artist and I’m Enough

“They” told me I need to improve myself. My visual and conceptual language. “They” told me, “It’s not what we are looking for, we look for evolution over time and a practice focused on exploring a certain concept.” “They” told me, “It’s not deep enough,” when they know not my journey. So I wrote aboutContinue reading “I’m an Artist and I’m Enough”

American Artist Justin Armstrong on Vinyl, Vision, and Visually Explosive Art

Justin Armstrong, born in 1988, Birmingham, Alabama, received his BFA (June 2016) and MFA (March 2020) in painting from Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). He has shown work in Washington DC, SCAD at Design Miami, and Gutstein Gallery in Savannah, GA. He currently lives and works in Leeds, Alabama. Armstrong uses technology, colors,Continue reading “American Artist Justin Armstrong on Vinyl, Vision, and Visually Explosive Art”

The 24 Laws of Meinong’s Jungle

My new series is based on 19th-century Austrian psychologist and philosopher Alexius Meinong’s Theory of Objects (published in 1904), which was ridiculed at the time as being too far-fetched for suggesting the beingness of nonexistent things. His suggested parallel universe of ‘impossible objects’ was termed Meinong’s Jungle by his critics. Today, however, Meinong’s Jungle holdsContinue reading “The 24 Laws of Meinong’s Jungle”

What Is Abstract Art?

“The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and ironically, the more real.” – Lucian Frued People are provoked by abstract art. Some like it and understand it right away while others are puzzled or confused by it.  Definition: It means moving away from literal and realistic references and instead usingContinue reading “What Is Abstract Art?”


Acrylic on handmade paper, 12 x 16.8 inches The bird with the ocean eyes flutters his feathers with supreme confidence. Ready to display what he is made of. The watchful bird with his large protective layers of profound colours dances a spiritual ritual to freely express and show his vision, his belief, his way ofContinue reading “Peacock”